Global Edventures - Episode #2: Classroom Management

 It's that time again!!! Myself and three other lovely ladies (Erin, Allie and Laura) are going to be LIVE on for our second episode of Global Edventures! This week's topic is "Classroom Management".

For this week's "Where in the World" Global Game, i'm being featured and will be giving away a cool Canadian prize pack delivered right to your door! To enter you must join our show and jump in to give your answers. The first clue was found on our blog Global Edventures and here you will find clue #2...

So can you guess where in the world Ms. Idealistic is????

Thank you so much for joining us on our global edventures :)

Currently September

Hello again :) Yes, I know my "Currently August" was only about a week ago but so much has happened in a mere week that I decided to link up with Farley at over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade again.

Global Edventures - New Blab Show

T-Minus 2 Hours Until Launch!

I am so excited to announce that myself (Ashley) from Canada, Laura (@year2tastic) from the UK, Erin (@learning2beawesome) from New Zealand and Allie (@alliethegypsyteacher) from Tanzania are launching a new Blab Show called "Global Edventures". We will be focusing on Back to School today and Erin will be our Lead Host!

Please join us by visiting our website or subscribing directly on Blab!

Can't make it? Check out the replay :)

August Currently

I'm really loving all of these teacher link-ups that I have recently found! This post is about a monthly link-up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade. I like that you can be creative with the graphic and that it provides 

Classroom Management & Gamification with ClassCraft

So as promised on my Periscope, here is my post about an awesome new classroom management tool - Classcraft.
When you first create an account, you are automatically greeted with a pop-up that allows you to explore, watch video tutorials or read FAQ. I found this extremely helpful as a newbie and was able to navigate very easily after watching only 2 video tutorials.

Now for the meat - Why Classcraft? Not only is it gamification at its finest, but it also promotes collaboration and keeps students accountable to themselves and their teammates. Rewards and "punishments" are completely customizable, although they do provide you with a few examples to begin with. Students must first decide what type of character they want to be (mage, warrior or healer) and then are put into teams that consist of each type of character. I plan to do this on the first day and then use those groups for their seating plan for the first month or two. 

Monday Made It - Colourful Supply Caddy

Hi everyone! So I am trying out another linky party today with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics. So here goes nothing with my very first Monday Made It!

For a bit of background - I am in the process of setting up a new home office (yay to having the space finally) but I am lacking in equipment to hold my supplies :S This is where my idea for my first ever Monday Made it came from....

Five for Friday - Linky Party {August 7th, 2015}


This past week has meant lots and lots of driving. I don't necessarily love being in a car in the first place but being the only one who can drive kinda sucks... especially for 9 hour trips. We made it though! This summer has been full of driving - first a 6-hour drive to see my parents, then 2-hours to see a friend in Montreal, 6 hours back to the North then a couple days later a 9-hour trip to Barrie, ON to see his dad and then back home a week later. Unfortunately it's not over either :S I'll be heading back down to Barrie again this week for a wedding. Thank goodness I finally have a vehicle of my own (woohoo no more rentals) or else this would be very hard on the wallet!