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I'm really loving all of these teacher link-ups that I have recently found! This post is about a monthly link-up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade. I like that you can be creative with the graphic and that it provides 


I recently discovered an acoustic playlist of pop song covers on Songza and this song was highlighted. I hadn't heard the original before but man, can this girl ever sing! The playlist is so relaxing - perfect for getting some work done on the computer... or writing a blog post ;)


Well I recently wrote about both of these things in my first Five for Friday post, but I need to bring them up again. The networking opportunities that Periscope has provided me with have been unbelievable so far! I have made some amazing teacher friends through Google Hangouts (#teachertootoot) and a Facebook Group (#teachershelpingteacherstribe), both of which I discovered using Periscope. I am so very grateful for the support & guidance that my online friends have given me. You ladies are amazing!


Well that summer sure flew by fast! I can't believe that back to school is only 2 days away... well officially anyways. Unfortunately i'm moving classrooms and have to unpack everything and I was hoping to start a week earlier in my classroom but the school isn't ready so I couldn't get a head start. How are you feeling about going back? Excited? Nervous? Both? 


I really wish I had more time to prep for back to school... but don't we all? Time really does become so valuable once you are a teacher. When I think about all of the free personal time I had back at my previous job, it seems like a distant memory... but I wouldn't have it any other way. I know that I am on my teacher journey and that I will get better with each new year. I just need to get back into the swing of things and plan for the next couple of days before I have to go back to the real world.


Since I started teaching I have had some serious teacher envy over Teacher Supplies Toolkits. They are all over Pinterest and I really, really want one. UPDATE: My teaching bestie just texted me and she bought me one while she was on vacation! Um - how amazeballs is that? Teacher love right there my friends!


This year my motto is all about positivity. Gone are the dreaded newbie teaching days which were fraught with new and scary scenarios that left me drained and emotionally unprepared. So this year I want to secretly put a small teaching welcome bag in each of my fellow teacher's mailboxes. The bag will include a hand sanitizer, a personalized paint-chip bookmark and a quote or note to each one. It won't be too time consuming considering we only have 22 teachers in the whole school :)

So I know i'm posting this extremely late but I promise to try the next "Currently" post at the start of September rather than save it for the end lol. 

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