About Me

Hi there, i'm Ashley! Originally from Ontario, I'm currently teaching grade 6 in a small K-11 school in Northern Qu├ębec with my two cats (Kylee and Mia) and my spouse Michael. I believe in a strengths-based approach and teaching our students to be mindful, critical thinkers.

I've wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl, and although it took me a little longer than I expected, I was able to start my teaching journey in 2011. Before I became a teacher, I tried my hand at many different jobs:
- grant writer for an environmental organization, 
- a freelance web designer, 
- an editor, 
- a photographer, 
- and lots of different types of "assistant" positions.

All of these experiences have moulded me into the person I am today: a politically minded, lorax at heart with a passion for educational technology. I love exploring, cooking and doing anything artistic. 

I am also a proud Teach Happy Member! I initially joined membership to gain a "dose of happy" that was very much needed to boost my teacher drive. Little did I know that I would get SO much more - friendships, support and PD all in one lovely THM package!

I also love to Periscope and co-host a bi-weekly Blab show called Global Edventures.

If you are an idealist at heart, or are simply interested in educational technology (or teaching in general), please follow me on my northern (ed)venture, while I navigate the cloudy skies of middle school.