Currently September

Hello again :) Yes, I know my "Currently August" was only about a week ago but so much has happened in a mere week that I decided to link up with Farley at over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade again.


Ok, so I might be slightly obsessed with Periscope (read slightly...) but it has become one of my teacher wellness treats. I limit myself to about 30 minutes at the end of the day once my planning is done (now that school has started back up again) and have received such valuable information and made invaluable connections. A shout-out to two of my #perifriends Jess who blogs at The Whimsical Teacher and Mikey blogging at Mikey D Teacher Topix, seriously check these two out, they crack me up!


Last weekend a group of us launched a new bi-weekly Blab show called Global Edventures. We are four teachers who teach across four different continents. Laura blogs at Year2tastic, Erin at Learning to be Awesome and Allie at The Gypsy Teacher. These ladies are awesome, point blank! To catch our next blab click here to subscribe: Global Edventures Blab Show


Ok this one is completely non-teaching related but let me just say OMG! My bf of almost 10 years told me that he wants me to send him pictures of engagement rings stat... Our anniversary is on September 28th so I will keep you all (or as most of my #teachertoottoot friends would say "ya'll") posted in the weeks to come. Needless to say i'm #superexcited! 


To be blunt - i'm tired... I'm just overcoming bronchitis and back to school has really kicked my butt. I'm excited to be back with my kiddos but REALLY looking forward to more sleep, especially with a long weekend coming up :) 


With back to school comes lots of printing needs. I am already on my second round of ink and needing to purchase more... This is what happens when you don't have a printer or photocopier at school yet! Here's hoping it comes soon :S

3 Goals:

  1. Be Positive - I recently read an excellent article about teacher types and I want to be a marigold, no walnut tree here!
  2. I am aiming to do three scopes on Periscope per week this month. I love being able to connect with everyone and as I mentioned before, i'm a bit obsessed with the platform :)
  3. My goal this weekend is to set up my teachers pay teachers store so I can put up my first product - a door decor freebie :) 


  1. Hi Ashley,

    I'm so glad I found your blog through September's Currently! I'm a K-4 tech teacher, so I love finding other educators with a passion for edtech :-)

    How exciting for you to get to look for engagement rings!! I am getting married next summer (we got engaged on Thanksgiving last year) so enjoy every second - I can't believe how fast it has gone by already!

    Have a wonderful school year!

    1. Thanks Lauren :) I love connecting with other techie teachers as well! No better way to find ideas about technology than through technology ;) Very excited about looking at rings, been a long wait but so happy the time has come!

  2. I love this!! Blab is AMAZING!! It has been so fun!! I love your goal to be positive this year!! It is such a great goal!! I can't wait to see your TPT store too!! I hope that you start to feel better soon!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

    1. Thanks Cassandra :) Finally starting to feel a bit better thankfully! Today was spent planning all day with a small break for the #tptchat but hoping to get my store up tomorrow :)

  3. ASH!!! I can't believe you gave me a shout out on your blog!!! This blog is soooo cute and your icon looks just like you!! (I've probably said that before!) I hope you keep your goal of periscoping because you are just soooooo good at it!! I gotta catch your international show live some Saturday! I love the name... edventures! hehe! Take care!

    The Whimsical Teacher

    1. Aw thanks for stopping by AND for leaving a comment! Not too long ago my mom was the only leaving me comments lol (#lovemymom). I love that you have been scoping more too :) and that we got to blab together last night!

  4. Woohooo!!! Not sure what I'm more excited about…. getting a shout out, our next blab, your TpT store, Periscope or the fact that you could be wearing a sparkler SOON!! Woohoo! I so need to get my Currently post up asap! Love it Xx

    1. Aw you are too sweet Laura :) I am super excited for so many things month! Took a peak in your classroom post earlier and it is so cute! I'm going to read it fully in the morning on my computer though :)

  5. Ummmm, girl, I am not worthy of your shout out! For real, you are so sweet. Thank you so much!!!! And, if we are playing tag and I didn't realize it yet... TAG, YOU'RE IT!

  6. Awwww Mikey!!! I just saw your post on your new blog ☺️ way to make a girl blush! Lol Been loving your scopes lately btw!